ZACH Sarah Shiels

The Musicians

Sarah Shiels - Bass / Backing Vocals

Zachary Theodorou - Percussionist

Sarah Shiels first teamed up with Jackson D in 2016 for the September Cornucopia Festival – Sarah is very much an accomplished musician and is an asset to the Jackson D sound with her Bass and stunning backing vocals.

An artist in her own right Sarah is known as an authentic musician with rich blues vocals - Sarah has extensively gigged across the UK and internationally, from initially playing locally with her first band ‘The Velvet Dolls’ in the UK, then going on to play the likes of Seattle, Spain and Germany with ex blues-punk band ‘Ming City Rockers’.

Since early 2017 Sarah has embarked upon a new project of psychedelic folk and blues with her own new band, successfully debuting at the Beverley Folk Festival UK 2017.

Zachary Theodorou first performed with Jackson D in October 2014 – Zach quickly became the permanent percussionist and is now part of the Jackson D sound. His fantastic work and dedication is clear to hear on JD's debut album 'Face'.

Zachary has played drums since the age of 7 but found his love for percussion after joining his local Hexagon Music Percussion Ensemble at the age of 11.

Recently Zachary was involved with 'Gamelan' (Indonesian Percussion) and performed at the “playing the bridge” 2017 for the UK City of Culture in his local city of Kingston upon Hull.

At school, Zach played in the Soul Band, Concert Band and the Jazz Band. This helped him to get a feel of the eclectic mix of styles. Zach declares his favourite was the Jazz band and this comes through quite a bit when composing the percussion for JD.