My attraction to performing came early on in my life. Whilst observing many stars, both from early Hollywood and the world of music, I considered, I’d like to do that. I performed in a ‘crowd pleasing’ band, aptly named ‘Twenty Flight Rock’, a 50/60s setup who made good money in the late 80s and early 90s.

I always had a niggle that the audience wasn’t cheering for my work … but for the artists that I was covering. 'I had to change this '. Late 90s I had a gothic influence in my new style and formed the band ‘The Final Romance’. Top chaps.

I have performed up and down the UK with European prospects and had offers to front countless other bands – all of which I have turned down. The NME, Melody Maker and various papers/magazines have shown continued interest in JD.

Strangely, early on 'I always considered myself as a vocalist ', whereas in reality at that time, I was possibly known more for my alternative guitar work as a front man with reasonable vocals. I suggest that since going Solo as ‘Jackson D ’ †, (late 2015), I am now known for my vocals with reasonable guitar work. Being featured in the Blues Matters magazine 2015 … was a strange one … me, blues? Perhaps ...

My first independent album release was in 2016 – FACE proved to be very much appreciated by the good people who follow me. 'Good independent reviews ' were written - I will consider a second album release, should the ‘feeling’ come over me.

“I have tried in my way to be free.”

(Leonard Cohen)

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'Jackson D is relentless in his style and that boutique sound. A truly original talent ' ‘A unique performer – Brimming with style – Refreshing!!!’

† *Even though I am a solo artist, I do have other musicians backing me whenever I can – Zachary Theodorou is an important contributor to the Jackson D sound with his enterprising percussion. Frank Johnson joined up with the JD Nov 2021 playing his Bass grooves. Previous Bass, Sarah Shiels ... I am forever in their debt …

Jackson D ~ Vocal/Guitar/Song Writer

Zach T ~ Percussion

Frank Johnson ~ Bass